• F-Mon specializes in windows server monitoring

    1.Real-time server traffic monitoring, down to the level of every process and every IP address.
    2.Server traffic statistics: website visits, new visits,daily unique IP address counts, hourly, daily, monthly, and geographical statistics.
    3.Process monitoring, monitor the running process, and automatically start the specified process that has exited.
    4.File watchdog, monitoring file creation and modification, automatically restoring tampered files.
    5.Performance index analysis, clearly and simply identifying the performance bottlenecks of the server.

  • FLog-Mon

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There are network quality diagnostics, Windows events monitoring, and more to explore . . .


Presenting a comprehensive and detailed view of server operation information and resource usage. Detailed records are kept for every IP accessing the server, including IP traffic, geographic location, file changes, process start and stop, Windows events, and more.

F-Mon software is now available for download from the Microsoft App Store. View details on Microsoft Store ›