F-Mon Server Monitor

Professional tool software to monitor and guard the operation of windows servers

Real-time display of each IP address with the server traffic, statistics access to the server's unique IP number, IP geography distribution, monitoring program operation, file monitoring and guardian, server performance, Windows event forwarding, etc. , all-round display of the server operation status, so that the server's operation has become transparent.

F-Mon allows you to see in real time which IP is visiting the website or application, the traffic size of each IP, as well as the geographic location of these IP information, more rich statistical functions, statistics independent IP number, IP geographical distribution, effective network traffic and so on. File daemon function, allows you to easily find the location of uploaded files when the server is compromised, locate the modified and deleted files, combined with the detailed IP access records provided by F-Mon, can quickly locate the intruder IP address. Even if an intruder deletes or renames these files to hide traces, F-Mon records the actions, showing which files were created, modified, and deleted. With F-Mon, you can set up your own monitoring directories, protect these critical directories, automatically delete newly created files, or automatically recover tampered files with pre-backed files. Intelligent performance index analysis is no longer a simple cpu/memory usage curve, through the built-in professional algorithm, from CPU index, memory index, hard disk index, network index and other aspects of performance data evaluation. Without your own judgment, F-Mon tells you simply and directly where the server is stuck and how to deal with it.

F-Mon is easy to install and ready-to-use. The GUI is easy to use and informative. Zero deployment costs, zero learning costs.


1, IP-based network traffic real-time monitoring, accurate location of the occupied traffic of the intranet and external network IP address;
2, website and business system visits real-time statistics, independent IP statistics, by hour, day, month, geographical location;
3, server audit, detailed logging Windows events, program start/exit, file changes, network IP address changes, access to all IP address records of the server;
4, process guardian, monitor the process running, and automatically pull up the exit process;
5, file guard, monitor file creation, modification, automatic recovery of tampered files, one-click view uploaded to the server of new files;
6, real-time performance monitoring, CPU, memory, network card, process, network connection, disk IO, disk capacity usage;
7, intelligent performance index analysis, built-in expert algorithm for real-time performance data analysis, simple and clear display server performance bottlenecks, server configuration to meet your website and applications;


Server system status information:
Server Internet IP, CPU, memory utilization, hard disk real-time read and write rate, use space, network card real-time rate.
The system information

Server Performance Index:
Intelligently analyze server performance metrics to assess server performance bottlenecks.
Performance index chart

Server IP network flow:
Show every IP traffic and geographic location of the current access server in real time.
IP traffic chart

Server Network traffic IP statistics:
Real-time IP traffic by geographic distribution, time period, flexible custom statistics.
IP Statistics