• F-Mon specializes in Windows server monitoring

    1.Real-time monitoring of server network traffic, to each process, each IP network traffic; 2.Server network traffic statistics: website visits, daily unique IP statistics, by hour, day, month, geographic location; 3.Process daemon, monitor the process run, if the process exits, it will automatically rerun; 4.File guardian, monitor file creation, modification, automatic recovery of tampered files, one-click view uploaded to the server of new files; 5.Performance Index Analysis, simple and clear to tell you whether the performance of the server meets your website;

  • FLog-Mon

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There are network quality diagnostics, Windows events monitoring, and more to explore . . . More details ›


Real-time monitoring of server network traffic, detailed server operation information. Record in detail each IP address of the access server, file changes, process start and stop, easy to determine whether the server has been compromised, and provide a simple and efficient way to protect.

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